Kendra Carter

Stacy is amazing! She provided so much knowledge and support, even more so than local resources. Though her assistance was remote, I felt she was a very present resource from early pregnancy through to the first several months after birth. She provided resources for us to learn about the birthing process which really empowered us and enabled us to have thoughtful discussions with our medical team throughout the pregnancy. I felt a sense of ownership throughout the process and not like I was just going through the motions. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of pregnancy and delivery. Some discouraged me from having a natural delivery and historically I’ve been known to have a low pain tolerance but with God you can truly do anything and I’m so glad He blessed us with Stacy. After the delivery I had some challenges with breastfeeding. She helped me through that and guided me to local resources and though she’s about the natural way, she’s very knowledgeable regarding traditional medicine and medical practice as well. And provides the best advice whether through wholistic or traditional medical practices. Thanks Stacy!