Amanda Scott

My husband and I welcomed our youngest son into the world in April 2020, via an emergency c-section. We arrived home to my mother-in-law, who was graciously holding down the fort. Little did we know that, a few days later, I’d be right back in the hospital for a week long stay. During that week, I was under the care of my OB/GYN, nephrologist, infectious disease physician, and an internal medicine doctor. Because of the pandemic, I was not with my newborn baby, family, or friends. I had no in-person support system. As the days passed, it was time for my mother-in-law to return to her home in southeast Georgia. She had been our lifeline for three weeks. As a mother, I panicked, wondering how my husband was going to care for our children alone, while I was still in the hospital. My doula, Mary Hanks, recommended we reach out to Stacy-Ann for support. I had to turn it over to my husband to coordinate while I focused on my recovery. Stacy-Ann arrived prepared to assist our family. When my husband opened the door to greet her, she asked him, “What is one thing you hope to accomplish today.” My husband replied, “Survive and make it through the day.” Stacy-Ann’s empathy, understanding, and experience carried us all. When I returned home from the hospital, I walked into a calm and supportive home. Stacy-Ann was loving and encouraging, and understood what I had been through. She continued to help me care for myself and the children. Stacy-Ann was so wonderful! She brought a sense of calm to a hectic, emotionally draining situation. Most importantly, I could focus on my recovery without worrying, from my hospital bed, how we’d get through it all. That comfort was priceless. I cannot say enough positive things about Stacy-Ann. She is part of our family and will always be. We are so blessed, and forever grateful, we crossed paths.