Birth and Postpartum Doula Services

Birth is about making confident mothers

Everyone’s journey to parenthood is different and I approach each person as such. We explore your views, wants & expectations together with the knowledge that together we are creating a plan to support you. Care is given in the way most specifically for you. 

Intention and focused energy

I approach each birth and client with intention and focused energy. It is my intention to create a positive, open, warm and life affirming experience for moms, dads and their families in the journey through pregnancy and childbirth. I am called to support women and their birth partners, as well as moms birthing alone. I believe that how a woman is cared for during her pregnancy and birth matters. It can make the difference in empowering her or devaluing her. I believe that your partner is a vital part of your birth, journey and support, therefore, I am present to support your partner too.

Holistic and Evidence-Based

My doula care is holistic, its evidence-based and based on the know that birth is natural function of life. Every woman should be provided with all the information she wants and need to made the best choices for her body. I approach your care considering your physical, emotional, social, economic, and spiritual needs. 

Pregnant woman

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers — strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

Barbara Katz Rothman

Postpartum Doula

I offer evidence-based information on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery after childbirth, infant soothing and coping skills for new parents.  I am trained in postpartum adjustment, newborn characteristics, care, feeding, development, and the promotion of parent-infant bonding.  I come to your home immediately following your delivery to provide education, nonjudgmental support, companionship, and to assist with newborn care and family adjustment.