Breastfeeding Support with Lactation Consultant Stacy-Ann Louie

Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt…

  • Do you worry about your baby getting enough milk?
  • Do you have questions about pumping and/or continuing to breastfeed after returning to work?
  • Is someone telling you you can’t or shouldn’t breastfeed?
  • Are you considering weaning because you’re overwhelmed, even though you want to breastfeed?

Breastfeeding Clinic

Tent Birth and Breastfeeding operates a full-service breastfeeding clinic for breastfeeding families, and we are dedicated to supporting, protecting, and promoting breastfeeding.

Our goal is to provide evidence-based and comprehensive care that is reflective of your needs.

With a background working with families in newborn clinics, pediatric office, NICU and as a doula, Stacy-Ann Louie brings a wealth of experience and heart to every family she works with. We are proud to serve our diverse population and provide the support they need to meet their breastfeeding goals.

We accept health insurance through Aetna, Humana, Cigna, United Healthcare, Anthem/BCBS and self pay. Patients can enjoy not out of pocket expense. We will inform you of your coverage and if you have co-pay or deductible.

Breastfeeding Classes

A small-group way of consulting with up to 5 moms at a time (& their support persons)

You Have Questions

You have many question and all are valid. How do I position a baby to feed? How many times should I pump? Should I wake to feed every two hours? How do I know if he/she is getting enough?

We Support You

You can address these and many more questions in our breastfeeding education classes. These classes are designed to the modern breastfeeding parent, give you clinical and evidence-based information and support.

Valuable Connections

You will find that you will make valuable connections and increase your ability to meet your breastfeeding goal.

Doula Support

I support moms at all ages and stages of pregnancy.

I Support Moms

This can be your first or sixth childbirth or birthing over 40, I specialize in supporting moms.  I have also supported VBAC moms.  My role is to educate, support and affirm women in embracing their pregnant bodies and trusting their natural ability to birth in all birth settings. 

Your Unique Journey

There are so many questions that you have while you are pregnant. Each woman’s situation is different. But what remains the same is a shared need to have a trusted and supportive professional to journey with throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.

Your Birth Partner

A doula is your birth travel partner. Someone who you can rely on for unbiased evidence base information. Someone who will support your birth plan.

About Stacy-Ann Louie

I am the mother of five great kids. They are my world and a major reason why I am currently working as a lactation consultant and certified doula. My first pregnancy and birth really opened my eyes to the state of maternal health. I went from being excited about my ability to birth and breastfeed to doubts and confusion about just what my body could do.